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Biodiversity credits, monitored with 🛰satellites and AI

We help businesses and individuals to take powerful action for protecting nature and climate. Biocredits offered by Boosterra represent high-value preservation and restoration outcomes, and protection of endangered species. Our projects rely on science-based methods and are monitored in near real-time with digital MRV.

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Boosterra is member of the BCA Forum and the Nature Tech Collective
OUR technology

We are harnessing geospatial data, AI and emerging biodiversity sampling tech to get the evidence on low cost.

Todays' nature-based projects are typically monitored in every 3 to 5 years by project developers. We set a new standard by doing it real-time and automated. We currently rely on satellite data and advanced AI models, and plan to extend the toolset to IoT devices, bioacoustics, camera traps, drones and eDNA in the future.

Land use change detection

Tracking historic and current deforestation rate, agricultural and urban expansion.

Vegetation condition monitoring

Water gain, grass loss, forest loss estimations. Above ground biomass and canopy height data.

Anthropogenic and natural hazards

Detecting logging activities, wildfire and draught impact.

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Boosterra original - Kis-Tisza project vision
8 ha

Global Biodiversity Targets:

2: Restoration, 3: Conservation, 4: Extinction, 8: Climate change, 22: Solutions / Inclusion

SDG Targets


$ 0.00 USD
El Globo Cloud Forest Habitat Bank
345 ha

Global Biodiversity Targets:

3: Conservation, 4: Extinction, 22: Solutions / Inclusion, 1: Managing strategic areas, 2: Restoration, 8: Climate change

SDG Targets


$ 40.00 USD
Colombian Amazon
71,500 ha

Global Biodiversity Targets:

3: Conservation, 1: Managing strategic areas, 9: Social / Wild, 11: Social / Nature's contribution, 22: Solutions / Inclusion

SDG Targets


$ 5.00 USD

Because with biocredits we can
unite our efforts at unprecedented scale.

Biocredit is a tool to bridge the financial gap between guardians and supporters of nature. Each credit represents a measurable, traceable and tradable unit of biodiversity. The Global Biodiversity Framework - singed by 188 nation states in 2022 - targets 211 billion USD yearly investment in biodiversity, to protect 30% of habitats by 2030. Biocredits can play a major role in scaling up nature-action.

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Protection of habitats and key species

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Climate action is embedded in the credits

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Nature-positive impact, no offsetting allowed

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Benefit sharing with local communities

policy change

We urge institutions to seize low-hanging opportunities for nature

Our advocacy work is based on highlighting easily solvable problems and finding mutual interests of different stakeholders. Often, small actions can lead to big transformations.

Call for Action: Increase Conservation Fines for Protected Species in Hungary! 💗

Despite changes in Hungary's animal protection laws, the rampant issue of bird-poisoning and the killing of wild, rare, and endangered animals like wolves persists. However, one glaring obstacle remains unchanged since 2001: the fines for violating these natural protection values have not been adjusted to account for inflation over the last quarter-century. Consequently, these outdated penalties lack the deterrent effect needed to curb such destructive behavior.
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“Let us protect the greatest inheritence we can leave behind

for our children.


Our passion is to accelerate the sustainability transition

At Boosterra, we are driven by the conviction that every small action holds immense power when amplified by the right tools. The shift from extractive linear practices to regenerative and circular systems is the monumental challenge of our time. We understand that human prosperity is inseparable from the growth of life on Earth. With this vision in mind, we established Boosterra to hyper-scale efforts in safeguarding biodiversity as the invaluable legacy for future generations.

Nándor Érsek-Obádovics

Builder and strategist. An expert at blending innovation, technology, and business for a sustainable future.

Gábor Vágó

Green policy expert and agile leader. Gábor is mobilizing resources and driving change through strategic partnerships.

Dr. Sarolta Várszegi
ESG reporting and compliance

Corporate lawyer and ESG compliance expert. Sarolta plays a pivotal role in building our sustainability reporting capabilities.

Áron Gajárszki
Sales and partnerships

As seasoned sales manager and green banking expert, Áron is devoted to make Boosterra’s clients succeed.

Zoltán Békés
Entrepreneur and sustainability enthusiast

A successful entrepreneur with a passion for nature restoration initiatives, plays a crucial role in guiding Boosterra towards a viable impact business.