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Faq section

Frequently asked questions.

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What is Boosterra doing?

Very briefly we aim at saving life on Earth. We are doing this by connecting those who protect nature and provide ecosystem services with those who are willing to pay for it. But we are much more than a marketplace. We are building a movement for nature-positive impact, we want to help individuals unite their power for this cause, and companies to transform their business models and operation to become best fit in a future regenerative economy.

When will you start?

Already in Q3 2023 you will be able to subscribe or make one-time purchases from selected high-value biocredits. We are currently building partnerships with NGOs, nature conservation project developers, biocredit standard organisations, and technology providers.

What are biocredits?

A Voluntary Biodiversity Credit (VBC) serves as a powerful mechanism to facilitate investments in biodiversity conservation and enhancement. It can be defined as a measurable unit that represents a claim for biodiversity preservation or improvement, backed by rigorous scientific methodologies.

Can your biocredits be used for offsetting wrongdoings?

No. We do not allow offsetting. The voluntary biodiversity market we operate in is separate from the compliance market for mandated biodiversity offsetting found in some countries. With our credits supporters can fulfill their nature positive aspirations, do more good. To do less bad, companies need to transform, innovate, change business models and operations. We believe that directing more attention to nature-positive goals, and driving the change towards them, we can positively influence transformative change within people and companies. Even more, we also aim at influencing the policy environment and advocate for regulations that are more conducive to the sustainability transformation.