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Coffee production faces risks from climate change and declining biodiversity.

🔻up to 84%
decline of land suitable for arabica production in Brazil.
decrease of suitable land in the world's coffee production.
With Boosterra, your café can actively combat against nature loss, supporting the 30x30 target set forth in the UN's Global Biodiversity Framework. Our verified biodiversity credits from Colombia showcase the significant efforts of local nature guardians. By subscribing to the movement, your café contributes to preserving the Amazon rainforest.
➡️ Mitigate your nature related risks with biodiversity conservation and restoration.

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🌎 Protect 10 m2 of rainforest in global biodiversity hotspot for 30 years (Terrasos Biodiversity Credit)
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Mitigate your biodiversity risk and be at the forefront of nature action.

Nature related risks in the coffee industry

Climate risks in the coffee industry
Biodiversity risks in the coffee industry

Your first-in-class biodiversity impact report with Boosterra.

Global Biodiversity Framework
Targets and indicators.
Sustainable Development Goals
Sustainable Development Goals supported by the project.
According to local and global threat categories.
Following the Global Ecosystem Typology.

Comply with TNFD, CSRD, ESRS 4 and local ESG disclosure regulations.

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We make verified nature impact through trusted innovation leaders in biodiversity conservation and restoration.

OUR Biodiversity impact

Supporting indigenious people now and conserving nature for the long run.


Indigenous people need urgent resources to protect their land. The Savimbo’s  biodiversity credit provides money for the local guardians  (mostly indigenous small scale farmers) of Nature in the Columbian Amazon area  where jaguars and other endangered species live. This credit represents 2 months of their safeguard work. 


The Terrasos long-term protection guarantees 30 years of natural conservation and restoration work in the columbian Andes. These projects are focusing on natural rehabilitations of large areas with exceptional knowledge and experienced ecologists.

Why biodiversity credits?

Focusing only on climate and carbon is like tuning just one string of a guitar, expecting the whole instrument to play in harmony. Biodiversity credits, on the other hand, are like tuning all the strings—addressing not only climate change but also the full range of nature's chords.

Legacy carbon credits


Often blind to nature impact
Focus on life - species, habitats, ecosystems
Does not necessarily help nature (e.g. cooking stoves)
Nature is a natural protection against climate change
Indigenous people might benefit very little
High benefit sharing with IPLCs
Often paper-based processes and infrequent monitoring
More digitised and more frequent monitoring
Can be used for offsetting wrongdoings.
Offsetting is not allowed, all contributions count as good-doing.
Faq section

Frequently asked questions.

Want to know more? We're just a message away! Feel free to reach out for detailed information or any specific queries you may have. Your curiosity is the first step towards protecting our natural world!

What are biodiversity credits?

Biodiversity credits represent a standardized unit of positive biodiversity outcomes. They provide a tangible measure of the positive impact a company can make on nature through biodiversity conservation and restoration.

Are these for offsetting?

No, "voluntary biodiversity credits" are distinct from biodiversity offsets. While offsetting is a regulated practice, voluntary biodiversity credits focus on achieving nature-positive impacts beyond mere compensation. They offer an immediate way to enhance a company's impact profile and contribute positively to stakeholders. Biodiversity is highly complex and local, cannot be simply compensated. Therefore to stop and reverse nature loss urgently, companies need to take nature-positive immediate action.

Can the projects also contribute to climate action?

Absolutely. Although biodiversity credits usually don't directly quantify CO2 equivalent units, the restoration and conservation efforts they support act as natural safeguards against climate change. These projects provide dual benefits by positively influencing both nature and climate.

How can my company benefit?

Your company can benefit by demonstrating a commitment to nature-positive actions, enhancing its sustainability profile, and fostering positive stakeholder relationships. Biodiversity credits also offer a practical way to better align your business with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Integrating nature-positive impact in your business opens the door for product and service innovation, higher employee engagement, and help your business grow roots into the future of sustainable economy.

Why choose Boosterra?

Boosterra specializes in providing high-integrity biocredits ready for business use and ESG reporting. As an independent platform, we empower companies to choose the most suitable portfolio for their nature targets. We offer guidance on best practices to seamlessly embed impact into business operations and enable effective communication with stakeholders.

What happens after purchase?

After purchase, you will receive an impact certificate via email along with a data sheet for reporting purposes. We also value your feedback as it helps us continually improve our services.

Can I get more help?

Absolutely. We offer assistance in aligning your company's strategy with nature-positive impact, integrating biodiversity credits into your business model, and providing support for nature related reporting. Contact us now!