February 27, 2024

A New Dawn for Nature: Inspiring Partnership for Restoration

This groundbreaking law sets ambitious targets for the restoration of degraded ecosystems across Europe

Today marks a significant milestone in environmental legislation as the European Parliament officially adopted the Nature Restoration Law. This groundbreaking law sets ambitious targets for the restoration of degraded ecosystems across Europe.

Main Points of the Nature Restoration Law

  • Sets ambitious targets for the restoration of degraded ecosystems:
  • Aims to restore at least 30% of habitats in poor condition to a good condition by 2030.
  • Increases to 60% by 2040.
  • Finally, reaching 90% by 2050.
  • Aims to reverse the decline of nature across Europe.
  • Mandates EU member states to draft National Restoration Plans within two years.
  • Outlines specific targets, restoration measures, and financing requirements.
  • Addresses challenges such as the spatial scale of application and compatibility with existing policies like the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

Strong nature yields strong economy

More than 80% of habitats across Europe currently face degradation. Recognizing this pressing issue, the European Commission introduced a groundbreaking nature restoration law on June 22, 2022. The aim is to facilitate the extensive recovery of damaged ecosystems throughout the EU's land and sea territories. This legislation aligns with the EU's overarching climate and biodiversity goals and reinforces its commitments under international frameworks like the UN Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity framework.

The Commission projects substantial economic gains from the implementation of this law, estimating that every euro invested would yield a remarkable return of at least eight euros in benefits. This underscores the potential for significant positive impacts on both the environment and the economy through concerted efforts towards nature restoration.

A great opportunity for companies to collaborate on nature conservation

This legislative move presents a great opportunity for companies to actively participate in nature conservation. With 1400 companies supporting the Business for Nature Pledge, it highlights a collective commitment to aligning business practices with environmental stewardship. Collaborative efforts between businesses and policymakers can ensure the success of nature restoration initiatives, leading to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Boosterra, in line with its commitment to environmental conservation, is actively building partnerships with businesses to help achieve these ambitious targets. By fostering collaboration between industry leaders and environmental advocates, Boosterra aims to leverage collective resources and expertise to drive impactful change on a large scale.

The European Parliament made a historic decision today as it voted on the Nature Restoration Law (NRL), a pivotal piece of legislation aimed at protecting and restoring ecosystems across Europe. The NRL, proposed by the European Commission, has been met with both fervent support and staunch opposition, making it a topic of intense debate and scrutiny in recent weeks.

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